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Thyroid Balance Specialist

Vivian Varese, MD

Functional Medicine Doctor & Integrative Medicine Doctor located in Acton, MA

The thyroid is the most universal regulatory gland in the body and when it doesn’t function properly, the body suffers from an array of symptoms and related health conditions. Vivian Varese provides comprehensive treatment to restore thyroid balance from her practice in Acton, Massachusetts.

Thyroid Balance Q&A

What Does the Thyroid Do?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck that produces and stores the hormones responsible for the function of nearly every organ in the human body. It is an essential endocrine gland located in the front of a person’s neck. The thyroid hormone regulates a person’s metabolic rate, growth, development and body temperature. A dysfunctional thyroid can affect a person’s mood, his or her metabolism, sex drive and ability to gain or lose weight. Despite its universal influence, thyroid activity requires support and interaction with the rest of the endocrine system, especially the adrenal gland.

What is Done During a Thyroid Evaluation?

There are many symptoms that may prompt a person to seek medical testing for a thyroid disorder. Some of the most common concerns include an inability to lose weight, sleep disorders, abnormal energy levels, or strange mood swings. During an evaluation of the thyroid, Dr. Varese looks for indications that the organ is not performing properly and will check for a variety of signs. She will test a patient’s saliva, urine, and blood to establish hormone deficiencies. Dr. Varese will also manually examine the patient’s neck for any enlargement, lumps or masses. A reflex test is often performed because the speed of a person’s reflexes can indicate an either hyper or hypo active thyroid. Dr. Varese will also listen to the thyroid using a stethoscope and check if there is increased blood flow, known as bruit. The doctor will look for other thyroid disorder symptoms including loss of hair, excessive weight gain, jaundice or yellow-looking skin, tremors or shaky hands, excited or jerky movements, edemas or swelling, in addition to slowed down movements and speech

How Is Thyroid Balance Re-established?

Dr. Varese treats thyroid dysfunction with customized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. In addition to restoring hormonal balance for her patients, Dr. Varese works with them to improve total body health and wellness with nutrient and herbal formulas to support optimal thyroid function.